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Edu-Tech, Digital education system

Applications, and customized programming. Build successful capacity enhancement programs through the latest technology and design.


We are a professional digital content developer. We develop and operate digital content with the keywords “imagination, fun, dreams”.

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    Digital Education System

    Our digital education system contributes for improving the capabilities of educators and trainees. We support a variety of areas including police service training and customs duty training. Build successful capacity building programs with our digital training system.

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    VR, AR Interactive Contents

    We develop and provide continuously accessible immersive media contents. You can have a new experience using our VR education and digital education contents, we service in many immersive experience venues.

Global Partnership Alliance

We are continuously providing the new digital educational systems for enhancing customs duty competencies in 185 member countries through our partnership with the WCO(World customs organization) Based on our accumulated experience and expertise in the digital education program field, we offer differentiated digital education program systems.