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Edu-Tech, Digital education system

Applications, and customized programming. Build successful capacity enhancement programs through the latest technology and design.


We have been managing mobile content services and media content services for many years.

  • Imagination

    We want to implement many things from imagination.

  • Fun

    We want to provide many people a joyful and emotional experience, and a time of unity.

  • Dream

    We express the mindset of a challenger who pioneers the path of the mind that leads to reality.

Business Service System

Communication with clients is important create a sustainable business. By practicing ethical management, we are doing our best to promote corporate social responsibility and a sound corporate culture. We ask for your continued interest and support so that all related parties can grow together by further enhancing ethical management. Thank you

Team of Superheroes

  • Baek Ho

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kay Willow

    Lead Game Design

  • Anthony Ryu


  • Philip Bae

    Art Director

  • Stocker KIM

    3D Designer

  • Nolan Lee

    Manager Programmer

  • Harry Kim

    Concept Artist

  • Yalllu Shin



    • 2021

      • November

        VR Ocean Cargo Clearance Experience Content WCO Service

      • June

        Customs and Human Resources Development Institute, WCO, VR and AR Educational Content Development

      • May

        Human Care Digital Content Development

      • April

        Incheon Ganghwa experiential Content Service

    • 2020

      • November

        Woojin Industrial System Subway VR Digital Twin Business

      • June

        Customs and Border Management Training Institute, WCO, VR and AR Educational Content Planning

      • May

        Bucheon Museum AR Content

      • April

        LG U+ AR Realistic Educational Content

    • 2019

      • December

        Incheon Ganghwa Realistic Content Development

      • August

        Cat Zorba Detective School - AR System Development Service

      • July

        Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Digital Content System Development and Service (Small and Medium Business Administration)

      • June

        Cold Case VR Occulus Quest (Korea Creative Content Agency)

    • 2018

      • November

        Cat Zorba Detective School - AR System Development Service

      • June

        Police Training Service (VR Police Job Training System)

      • May

        Approved as a Venture Company

      • April

        Modern IT&E - VR Station Content Service

    • 2017

      • November

        Gyeongju VR Theme Park - CSI:VR Room Escape Cafe Service

      • July

        VR Police Job Training System

      • April

        Gwacheon National Science Museum Frontier Science Museum / 'Space VOLT 801' Service

      • January

        China CSI:VR Room Escape Cafe Business M.O.U Agreement

    • 2016

      • October

        VR Academy - Yewon Arts University

      • September

        Developed CSI VR Room Escape game Cafe Content

      • June

        Incheon Realistic Experience Center Content (2 other services besides Room of Secret)

      • May

        KOCCA - ‘VR Incheon Landing Operation 1950’

      • April

        HO Entertainment Corporation Established

    • 2015

      • December

        Industry-Academic Collaboration Agreement with Yewon Arts University and Joongbu University

      • June

        Developed FEMS Sports Management System

      • January

        HO Entertainment Established

Company Info

  • Company Name

    HO Entertainment

  • Chairman & CEO

    Baek Sung Sil

  • Founded


  • Businesses

    Digital education program/system development

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  • Address

    (14556) Room 2119, 212, Sambo Techno Tower, 122 Jomaru-ro 385beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea