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Creative studio, Business service system

Web sites, applications and custom programming. The latest technologies, code and design allow you to present your image with jaw-dropping effects.


We have been managing mobile content services and media content services for many years.

  • Imagination

    We want to implement many things from imagination.

  • Fun

    We want to provide many people a joyful and emotional experience, and a time of unity.

  • Dream

    We express the mindset of a challenger who pioneers the path of the mind that leads to reality.

Business Service System

Communication with clients is important create a sustainable business. By practicing ethical management, we are doing our best to promote corporate social responsibility and a sound corporate culture. We ask for your continued interest and support so that all related parties can grow together by further enhancing ethical management. Thank you

Team of Superheroes

  • Baek Ho

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kay Willow

    Lead Game Design

  • Anthony Ryu


  • Philip Bae

    Art Director

  • Stocker KIM

    3D Designer

  • Nolan Lee

    Manager Programmer

  • Harry Kim

    Concept Artist

  • Yalllu Shin



    • 2021

      • November

        VR Ocean Cargo Clearance Experience Content WCO Service

      • June

        Customs and Human Resources Development Institute, WCO, VR and AR Educational Content Development

      • May

        Human Care Digital Content Development

      • April

        Incheon Ganghwa experiential Content Service

    • 2020

      • November

        Woojin Industrial System Subway VR Digital Twin Business

      • June

        Customs and Border Management Training Institute, WCO, VR and AR Educational Content Planning

      • May

        Bucheon Museum AR Content

      • April

        LG U+ AR Realistic Educational Content

    • 2019

      • December

        Incheon Ganghwa Realistic Content Development

      • August

        Cat Zorba Detective School - AR System Development Service

      • July

        Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Digital Content System Development and Service (Small and Medium Business Administration)

      • June

        Cold Case VR Occulus Quest (Korea Creative Content Agency)

    • 2018

      • November

        Cat Zorba Detective School - AR System Development Service

      • June

        Police Training Service (VR Police Job Training System)

      • May

        Approved as a Venture Company

      • April

        Modern IT&E - VR Station Content Service

    • 2017

      • November

        Gyeongju VR Theme Park - CSI:VR Room Escape Cafe Service

      • July

        VR Police Job Training System

      • April

        Gwacheon National Science Museum Frontier Science Museum / 'Space VOLT 801' Service

      • January

        China CSI:VR Room Escape Cafe Business M.O.U Agreement

    • 2016

      • October

        VR Academy - Yewon Arts University

      • September

        Developed CSI VR Room Escape game Cafe Content

      • June

        Incheon Realistic Experience Center Content (2 other services besides Room of Secret)

      • May

        KOCCA - ‘VR Incheon Landing Operation 1950’

      • April

        HO Entertainment Corporation Established

    • 2015

      • December

        Industry-Academic Collaboration Agreement with Yewon Arts University and Joongbu University

      • June

        Developed FEMS Sports Management System

      • January

        HO Entertainment Established

Company Info

  • Company Name

    HO Entertainment

  • Chairman & CEO

    Baek Sung Sil

  • Founded


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    Businesses - Metaverse, Block Chain, VR·AR Content Development

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    (14556) Room 2119, 212, Sambo Techno Tower, 122 Jomaru-ro 385beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea